Thursday, 29 March 2012

BlackBerry Curve 8520,9360,9380 and Torch 9860 get a Price Cut in India

blackberry india price drop
If you are looking to pick up a BlackBerry Curve or the full touch BlackBerry Torch 9860 , you can go ahead and get yourself one in India as the 4 models have got a price cut. Well the prices mentioned below are MRPs and you can actually get yourself one at shops for a little cheaper
Model    New MRP  Old MRP  Difference
Curve 8520 8999 10990 1991
Curve 9360 18990 19990 1000
Curve 9380 16990 20990 4000
Torch 9860 21990 29990 8000
This is what RIM India Managing Director Sunil Dutt had to say about the price cuts
“RIM as a brand has moved from just an enterprise device to as a more consumer device. Be it our services or the product, we have seen a strong uptake by the youth and therefore, to get the devices into more users, we are cutting the prices and this move will help us tap a wider base of the large market that India is,”
It’s not surprising that the Bold series does not feature in the price cut as the 9900 is doing pretty well for the company. Any one picking up one of those handsets ?


  1. I recently purchase a Blackberry Curve 8520 in 8500 from mobile store . Thanks to Blackberry. I wish when apple gonna drop their prices

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  3. it's like a bumper offer for Blackberry Curve 9360 . i hope this offer will launch again on new year...::)