Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Adblock Plus for Android released, Blocks ads in Mobile Browsers and Apps

Adblock Plus, popular ad-block extension / add-on on Firefox and Chrome is now available for Android. It blocks ads on most Apps and Browser over Wi-Fi even if you are not rooted. You need a rooted Android phone for ad blocking over 2G / 3G. It does not allow ads to be blocked on SSL encrypted websites. According to the Adblock site, the Android app only blocks ads Firefox and Opera browsers, but we tried it on the default Android browser and Chrome, and it worked fine.
Features of Adblock Plus for Android
  • Blocks mobile ads, video advertising, banners, push notifications, display advertising, HTML5 advertising, and much more.
  • Rooted: Ads can be blocked on Wi-Fi and mobile connections.
  • Non-rooted with Android 3.1 or later: Ads will be blocked on Wi-Fi connections only.
  • Non-rooted with Android 3.0 or earlier: Some manual configuration for proxy settings is required.
  • Over 40 continuously updating filter lists in over a dozen different languages
  • Filter subscription list
Download Adblock Plus for Android from the Google Play Store for free.

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